So, you're a small-to-medium sized business and you're looking for web design services in Dorset*

You search up some digital agencies local to you and contact them.

What you need is a simple, beautifully-designed website. One that will keep your customers engaged, lead them where they want to get to and give them the answers they’re looking for.

What you get is an eye-watering, expensive proposal for a website that is way beyond what a business of your size actually needs.

So many agencies try to sell smaller businesses over-complicated, costly websites.

Sites that usually require a mountain of upkeep and, more often than not, rolls of additional cash when you want to do something like change some copy or add a page.

We don’t do that.

*We’re based in Dorset, but work with companies all over the UK, not just here. This heading is just for SEO, like…

What we do is...

Curious Frog

Build your site on WordPress

Wordpress is the most popular content management platform in the world and is great for smaller businesses who want simple websites they can add to and maintain.
Curious Frog

Use page builders and themes

We could build your entire website in pure, naked code. But what good would that be if you want to easily add to it, make changes, or if something goes wrong?
Curious Frog

Teach you how to use your site

Once your site is built out, we’ll show you how to add pages and blog posts, advise you on how to maintain it and tell you what to do if something does happen to go wrong.
Curious Frog

Provide 12 months' hosting

All websites need hosting, so we provide 12 months of shared server hosting with every website we build. If you want to switch hosts after a year, no problem. If you want to stay, we’ll renew your site for another 12 months.
Curious Frog

Maintain your website

We completely understand if you want to handover the maintenance of your site to us, rather than take it on yourself. We’ll look after your site’s updates and general well-being for a small monthly fee.
Curious Frog

Work with search in mind

There’s no point in having a stunning new website if nobody can find it. Every site we build is created with Google search in mind, so we can make sure you show up where and when it matters most.

Website projects

We’ve built some great sites for SMEs and bigger companies over the years. Have a look at the kind of things we’ve been working on…

If your website needs to be brought into the 21st century, or you need a new site to start showcasing your business, we can help...

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